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Quality Measurement & Improvement Specialist - RN - 20 hours per week

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Gathers, assists with analysis, and reports data related to the various aspects of the OI Quality Program.
  2. Ensures that documentation produced and reported complies with participation and reporting requirements.
  3. Provides data to help monitor physicians and healthcare providers and group performance related to quality programs and assists with strategies to improve performance.
  4. Assists with preparation of monthly provider and group quality and performance reports.
  5. Assists with education of OI physicians, healthcare providers, managers and staff regarding governmental and commercial insurance company quality programs.
  6. Frequently monitors governmental and commercial insurance company quality program requirements and ensures that the OI leadership team understands all requirements.
  7. Interfaces with and facilitates insurance company chart audits and results review related to quality and performance initiatives.
  8. Collaborates with the Informatics Coordinator to ensure satisfactory support of quality program data capture and reporting.
  9. Collaborates with OI Marketing staff to ensure satisfactory support of OI data capture and reporting related patient satisfaction.
  10. Reconciliation of payments generated from quality programs.
  11. Demonstrates a willingness and ability to communicate cooperate and work collaboratively with co-workers. 
  12. Demonstrates teamwork to get all functions completed even when not specifically assigned. 
  13. Demonstrates a willingness and ability to communicate, cooperate, respect and work with Managers, Physicians, healthcare providers and staff. 
  14. Shows dedication to helping physicians and health care providers be efficient.
  15. Demonstrates the ability to complete tasks completely and accurately in an acceptable amount of time. 
  16. Suggests ideas to explore innovative ways of accomplishing the goals of the program and the group in general.
  17. Protects patients' rights by maintaining confidentiality of personal information in accordance with HIPAA policies and procedures.


  • RN preferred. Would consider LPN with extensive and related healthcare experience.
  • 5-7 years of broad healthcare experience required.

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